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Introduction to Referral Marketing

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Introduction to Referral Marketing
Benefits of running Referral Marketing with EasyStore

1. Introduction to Referral Marketing

Do you know 92% of the consumers will tend to believe referrals from the people they know and people are 4 times more likely to purchase a product or service when referred by a friend?

Here is where referral marketing comes in place, a strategy that promotes a product or service to new customers through recommendations by referrals for example agents, influencers, existing customers etc. In return, referrals earn a portion from the sales as their commission of the effort in bringing new sales to your store.

2. Benefits of running referral marketing with EasyStore

In EasyStore, you can start running your referral marketing by easily generating a unique referral link for your referral (either as a Referrer or one of your Staff) in less than 1 minute, the link will lead to your EasyStore website. Then, simply provide this link to your referral to start blasting it to your potential customers.

You can set different commissions for different referrals:
By Percentage (%)
By Fixed Amount (will be following your default currency)

The commission will be auto-calculated by the system and you will be able to generate a summary of referred orders and total commission earned in Excel / CSV file, and you will have full control over the commission payout.

Or, you can directly view the information below from EasyStore admin panel:
Total confirmed commission
Total payout amount (you can add,edit and delete the payout logs).
The remaining referral commission that is pending to be paid

We will also send an email to your referral(s) automatically when a referral's order has been marked as PAID. It is basically to inform the referrals that their commission is on the way!

📌 Note : We will help you to generate the automated sales commission email. Currently the email content cannot be edited. However, we will enhance this to allow customization for content-wise. Appreciate your kind understanding 🙏

Please check out this article on how to create your own referrals! 😉

Updated on: 19/11/2023

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