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Enable EasyStore through OneWayLoyalty dashboard
Connect OneWayLoyalty with your EasyStore
Frequently Asked Questions

Before you start:

Make sure you have a registered account with OneWayLoyalty.

OneWayLoyalty does provide a free trial to test which includes the full system features. It allows you to capture up to 30 loyalty members and send up to 30 free SMS messages. If you do not have a OneWayLoyalty account yet, click here to register

For OneWayLoyalty pricing and plans, kindly refer to this page here

1. Introduction

OneWayLoyalty is a loyalty platform and by using OneWayLoyalty, you are able to retain your customers by digitalizing memberships and point rewards. Your customers which also known as the members could just directly sign up as a member by scanning a QR Code. After signing up, they may begin to collect loyalty points for each transaction made.

Benefits of having membership & point rewards:
Add value for customers
More customers data
Stronger loyalty
Encourage higher spending
Reduce customer turnover

From EasyStore admin panel, kindly ensure that the order status = PAID then only the credits would be automatically processed and allocated to your customers/members. If you wish to know more about OneWayLoyalty, kindly contact OneWayLoyalty for more information:
+603-76699123 / +6010-2190123 (Sales Team) (Support Team)

2. Enable EasyStore through OneWayLoyalty dashboard

Before installing the OneWayLoyalty app integration in EasyStore, you need to connect EasyStore through the OneWayLoyalty dashboard. Please log in to your OneWayLoyalty account from here to enable it.

Step 1 : After you have logged in, click Merchant Store > EasyStore Integration

Step 2 : Select Yes for Enable Integration

Step 3 : Fill in your domain name. You can get it from EasyStore admin panel > Channels > Online Store > Domains there

Step 4 : Once done, click Update and EasyStore Integration Enabled ✔️

📌 Note :

As informed, once the order payment status = PAID, the credits would be automatically processed and allocated to your customers/members. Here would be a gif for your reference:

Right-click on the gif below & select Open image in new tab for better quality

3. Connect OneWayLoyalty with your EasyStore

Step 1: Go to EasyStore Admin > Apps > More apps > Search OneWayLoyalty > Install this app

Step 2 : If you have enabled EasyStore through the OneWayLoyalty dashboard, you will get to see this and it means you have successfully integrated!

4. Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I get my Store QRCode and share it with my customers for member sign-up?

You can get it from the OneWayLoyalty dashboard > Store QRCode and you will see your QR Code there. You can download it and share it with your customers or you can select the other 2 designs.

2. How to set up point rewards for newly sign-up members or birthdays?

From OneWayLoyalty dashboard, click on Reward > Setup Sign Up Reward. Select Yes for the reward that you prefer and you can fill in the Reward x Point(s) > Update and the rewards will be updated

You may browse through their guides for more information under Tutorial.

3. Can my customers sign up manually as a member?

Yes, they can. Kindly click here to sign up as a member.

Video guide on how to sign up as a member (manually)

Updated on: 30/09/2023

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