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Sell on Instagram Live

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Connect with Instagram Live
Create and run an Instagram Live

1. Connect with Instagram Live

Step 1 : Go to EasyStore Admin Panel > Channels > Instagram Live > Enable Instagram Live

2. Create and run an Instagram Live

Step 1 : In EasyStore Admin Panel > Channels > Instagram Live > Click "Create Live Control Room

Step 2 : Insert the "Title" and "Description" of your Live Control Room (for your own reference) > click "Create"

💡 Tips: Once you clicked "Create", this is what you will be seeing next; You need to do this action at your Instagram apps.

Step 3 : Next, you will have to choose what product(s) are going to be on sale on the Facebook Live that you are creating. Thus, click "Add".

Step 4 : "Tick" the selected product(s), and click "Confirm".

💡 Tips:
Once you clicked "Confirm", here you will see the added product(s) on the right in the Live Control Room. These are the product(s) that are going to be on sale on your Instagram Live.
Do not worry if you have missed out a product to be added because you can always click the "Add" button on the top right to add more product(s) even when your Instagram Live is running.

💡 Tips: Hover your mouse/tap on the added product, and you will see 2 icons.

1. Edit

Click on the "Edit" icon to make changes to :
The auto-generated Product Code (optional)
Product Inventory

2. Remove

Click "Remove" to cancel the product(s) to be on sale on the current Instagram Live you are creating/running.

Step 5 : Next, click "Connect to Instagram Live"

Step 6 : Click connect after you already started the live at your Instagram Apps.

Step 7 : Next, go to your Instagram Apps then start live

Step 8 : Go live at your Instagram Apps, you can go back to EasyStore Admin Panel then click the connect button.

Step 9 : It will be redirected to this page then proceed to click Connect.

Next, you will jump into this page

You are all set and let's start selling! 😀

Step 10 : Customers who are interested to purchase your product(s) only have to follow the instruction and Comment " code + quantity " to purchase.

Step 11 : Once commented, an automated message will be sent to customers' messenger according to the product code(s) + quantity that they have commented.

Updated on: 17/11/2023

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