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Selling downloadable products such as Ebook or digital product.

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Changing templates and products SKU

1. Introduction

To be honest, EasyStore is a platform which is more suitable for physical products. When you're selling non-physical products, you do not need to arrange parcel, you only need to send out the file to them. 

We have a workaround method which you may follow, but it would require manual setup and manual fulfillment at the moment. By setting it, an invoice which included the product download URL will be auto-create and few clicks to deliver your "products". No extra work to draft and send email.

2. Note

Upload the file to any Cloud Drive (make sure downloadable link can be retrieve). Product must with SKU code (Ebook SKU code)

💡 Tips: If the URL too long for SKU, try to shorten it.

Scenario : Let say you're using google drive as the file downloader. You may have to put the link in the order invoice.

3. Changing templates and product SKU

Step 1 : Go to EasyStore Admin > Settings > Templates 

Step 2 : Orders > Order invoice email > Edit

Step 3 : Go in to HTML Email, paste the link and Save.

Step 4 : When the customer placed order, you will receive in this way

You can utilize Google Drive or Dropbox to store your Ebook file into online and paste the code in the product listing SKU. So the customer will download only the file that you have inserted in the link.

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Updated on: 17/10/2023

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