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Sign up a Presto Mall seller account

To become a Presto Mall Seller, you will need to prepare some supporting documents for verification purposes based on your seller type. You can refer to the table below and prepare your documents according to your seller type.

Image source from Presto Mall.

Step 1 : After you have prepared all the supporting documents, kindly go to Presto Mall Seller Office to sign up a seller account.

Step 2 : Choose the seller type you want to sign up as.

Image source from Presto Mall.

Step 3 : Fill up the your information.

Step 4 : You will need to fill up your business and bank account details as well.

📌 Note :
You can choose to have your settlement direct transferred to the bank account you entered by choosing Bank transfer; Or you can have your settlement paid in your seller account and transfer the settlement yourself to the bank account you entered by choosing Seller Cash.

Step 5 : Upload the supporting documents required by Presto Mall. You can choose to upload the required documents when you sign up an account or send it to Presto Mall after signing up the account via your email.

Step 6 : Once you have applied, you will get an authentication link sent to your email to complete the registration process. After you have verified, you're now able to shop on Presto Mall, but your approval of becoming a seller are still pending, it will need to take within 7 working days to be approved.

Step 7 : Once your seller account have been approved, you will be able to sell on Presto Mall!

Updated on: 15/11/2023

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