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Sync Orders with Biztory

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About Biztory
How to sync orders with Biztory

Before you start:
Make sure you have installed Biztory app in your EasyStore.
Make sure you have registered an account with Biztory
Make sure your EasyStore and Biztory account is connected

1. About Biztory

Biztory is an user-friendly accounting software which is suitable for all small-medium businesses. You can export all of your products, orders, and customer data with a single click!

2. How to sync orders with Biztory

Step 1: EasyStore Admin > Apps > Search Biztory Malaysia > Click 'Continue'

Step 2: Click top right button > My Biztory

Step 3: Go down to '3rd Party App' > EasyStore > Click 'Orders' > Click the 'Check for Updates'.

Step 4: You can go back to EasyStore > Click Orders and check if your orders is similar with Biztory.

Note: If orders do not contain customer name you need to enable Delivery Order Preference. May go to My Biztory > Delivery Orders and tick Enabled for the Preference. Can enable Delivery Order Preference again and refresh IT if sync status fail.

Step 5: Once everything is accurate, you can tick the small box for orders (you can choose orders) then click Sync.

Step 6: Once orders are synced, you can go to Sales Invoice to check if the orders have sync into sales.

If sales invoice is shown as below, meaning orders are successfully synced from EasyStore!

Note: The order number will be the same to avoid duplicate orders created.

Hope this helps!

Updated on: 28/10/2023

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