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Add product categories on top navigation menu

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Preparing your category
Add product categories on main menu
Rename or hide the default navigator

1. Introduction

Showing more collections on main menu could give your web store visitors a quick overview on the variety of your products. This not only save their searching time, at the same time indirectly advertise the collections they were not looking for at the first place. This could potentially drive more sales and conversion.

2. Preparing your category

2.1 Make sure that you have created your categories in Admin > Products > Collections and assign products to their respective categories. If you haven't done so, learn more about managing product collections

2.2 When the category contains sub-categories, a drop-down list will be formed automatically. 

3. Add product categories on main menu

Click on Channels > Online Store > Navigations > Add Navigation > fill in the details > Save.

select Main Menu as display menu

select Collection as navigation type

Select the collection you would like to direct your visitors to

fill in your Navigator name, the name your visitors will see on the main menu to click, normally collection name in this case

choose your Navigator publish date ( uncheck if you would like to hide this navigator )

Repeat the above steps for other collections if applicable.

4. Rename or hide the default navigator

The default "Home" and "Catalog" navigator is created by the system and will always display all of your product collections, including sub-collections at the drop-down list. It can't be removed but you can rename or hide it by clicking Edit > uncheck Navigator publish date > Save.

Updated on: 04/10/2023

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