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Bulk Update Products

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1. Introduction

Frustrated with updating your products one by one? No worries, here comes the function - update products in bulk. Let's say all your products have to make changes, instead of click into every products, you can export all your products into a list, edit and import back.

Utilize export and import function, modify products in bulk by an simple, accurate and time-saving way.

📌 Note: Kindly remove the image links under columns Image 1, 2 & 3 when updating the product or else the system will duplicate the product images

2. Export products

Step 1 : You need to download your products. Go to EasyStore Admin > Products > 3 Dot icon > Export products

Step 2 : Choose the products and file format you want to download > Export.

Step 3 : Open the downloaded Excel or CSV file and update your product details in the file accordingly. You may refer to this guide to understand each column in the file.

⚠️ Important note:
Do not add or delete columns
Do not amend column Handle. If amended, system will recognize it as new product and create a new one instead of updating the current product.

Step 4 : Once done, save the file in .xlsx or .csv format.

3. Import products

Step 1 : Go back to Admin > Products > 3 Dot icon > Import products

Step 2 : Click on Choose file to choose the file you saved earlier.

Step 3 : The system fields should have been mapped over to your file columns automatically. Now click Import.

Step 4 : The products are updated successfully and you are done!

4. Details in the Product Import file

Updated on: 27/10/2023

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