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Checklist - Create WeChat Order Form

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Important Notes

1. Important Notes

WeChat Order Form does not support promotion at this moment. The price shown on the order form will be the original price.

The product sequence for WeChat Order Form is based on when is the product is published to the online website. The earliest created product will always be shown on top

You, as the seller needs to provides WeChat ID to your customers so that customers can search and send messages to you.

After placing an order through WeChat Order Form, customers need to follow the send message instructions to send messages to you (seller).

Make sure customers have found your WeChat ID then only send the message.

Customers are able to select the preferred language to shop for Wechat Order Form and the support languages are:
Simplified Mandarin
Traditional Mandarin

If you have enabled payment gateways or 3rd party logistics services, customers will proceed to the normal checkout page by following the language that has been set at Settings > General > System Preference > Online Store language

Customers can now make payment at the payment reminder page within the WeChat Order Form checkout interface via any manual payment methods after clicking on the CTA button in the payment reminder email that is sent by you.

Note: This is only available if your Online Store isn't being enabled now or hasn't been enabled prior. Otherwise, clicking on the CTA button in the payment reminder email that you have sent would bring your customers to your Online Store's payment reminder page instead.

2. Checklist

Step 1 : Enable WeChat Order Form

Login to EasyStore's Admin Panel > Channels > WeChat > Enable WeChat

Step 2 : Fill in the display name, WeChat ID and WeChat QR Code so your customers could reach out to you via WeChat.

Step 3 : Proceed to create order form

Step 4 : Insert title and choose the products for your form

Step 5 : Select the data that you want to collect from the customer

3. FAQ

Q1 : What happens if all of my product(s) assigned to the order form is/are sold out / unpublished?

If product(s) is/are sold out/unpublished, the order form will be showing a page "All products are sold out" / "All products are not published" (as shown in the image below) .

If all products sold out, customers can send messages to the seller by the information provided on the "Send Message Instruction page".

Updated on: 17/11/2023

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