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WhatsApp Order Form - One Page Checkout

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Setup manual shipping method
Setup pickup locations (optional)
Setup manual payment method
Things that you must know

This one-page checkout was created to help customers to complete their purchase within the same page instead of being directed to another checkout page. To enable One-Page Checkout for your Whatsapp/LINE Order Form, there are 3 things that you should take note. Make sure you have setup :
Setup manual shipping method
Setup pickup locations/Cash on Delivery (optional)
Setup manual payment method

You will receive order form orders as an unpaid order. You may need to manually mark the order as paid if you have received attachment/receipts from your customers. You may click the button below to have a look on how One-Page checkout looks like :

One-Page Checkout for Order Form

1. Setup manual shipping method

Go to Settings > Shippings > Add shipping zone

You may click here to refer to the detailed steps.

2. Setup pickup locations (optional)

Detailed help guide: Enabled self pick up as shipping option

3. Setup manual payment method

Go to Settings > Payments > Add payment method. Some of the manual payment methods in EasyStore:
Bank transfer ( IBG / instant transfer )
Wallet transfer ( scan QR code )
Cheque payment
Money order

4. Things that you must know

One-Page checkout order form only supports manual payment methods & manual shipping methods

Customers can directly click on the Place Order Now button to place an order and they need to fill in the following information :
Shipping or Billing address
Choose delivery method
Choose payment method

Customers will be able to upload attachments/receipts after the order has successfully placed via the order form.

The successful order page will be displayed as such :

If either of these 2 settings is enabled :

Order & Shipping App Integration

Auto Payment Getaways

Customers will proceed to the normal checkout page for Whatsapp/LINE order form as the image below :

May refer to this GIF image as extra reference for Whatsapp order from One-Page checkout :

Customers are able to select the preferred language to shop for Whatsapp Order Form and the support languages are:
Simplified Mandarin
Traditional Mandarin

If you have enabled payment gateways or 3rd party logistics as mentioned above, customers will proceed to the normal checkout page by following the language that has been set at Settings > General > System Preference > Online Store language

Updated on: 19/11/2023

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