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Set up payment method

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About payment method
Manual payment method
Payment gateways
Cash on delivery

1. About payment method

Set up payment methods in your store for customers to choose their preferred payment mode at checkout. Payment method refers to the way in which customer makes payment to you. Types of payment methods you can set up in your store:

Manual payment method
Payment gateway
Cash on delivery

2. Manual payment method

Examples :
Bank transfer ( IBG / instant transfer )
Wallet transfer ( scan QR code )
Cash deposit ( ATM ) and etc.

Step 1 : Go to EasyStore Admin > Settings > Payments > Add payment method > choose under Manual

Step 2 : Upload your QR code ( if applicable ) and fill in your account details under Payment instruction to complete the setup > Save and done.
Customer will follow the payment instruction to manually make payment to you.

3. Payment gateways

Credit / Debit card
FPX Online Banking
Installment etc.

Step 1 : Auto payment methods like credit/debit card, FPX online banking and eWallet etc. can only be received by using payment gateway services.

Step 2 : Similarly go to Settings > Payments > Add payment method > Search for your preferred payment gateway

Step 3 : Fill in the integration ID of your payment gateway account e.g. Merchant / Verify / Secret ID / Code / Key etc. > Save and done.
These integration IDs can be obtained from the payment gateway

You can click here to view all the payment gateways that are available in EasyStore!

📌 Note: Third-party payment gateway integration was only supported in Lite plan and above

4. Cash on delivery

As this service can only be supported by a delivery man, therefore it needs to be set up together with shipping methods. Still, confused? More details and explanation here on payment options

Once done the above, you can start referring to the remaining steps for the online store setup checklist to complete setting up your store below :
Add products
Add shipping method
Install theme template
Role play as customers

Updated on: 17/10/2023

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