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Receive order notification via Telegram

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Benefits of Telegram App
Setting up Telegram App

💌 Friendly Reminder: One store = One Telegram account only as the setup involves confirmation code & verification.

1. Introduction

Whenever there is new order coming in, we will only receive notification from email and admin panel. I believed not every one of us will check our mailbox every day. This is how the Telegram app can help where you will get notified when visitors registered to your store and any customers placed an order.  It keeps you updated on the go. Wait no more! Install the Telegram App inside our EasyStore Apps Store now. 

2. Benefits of Telegram App

Simple steps to install
Better management of your customer and order
Alert of new orders and new customers.

3. Setting Up Telegram App

Step 1 : EasyStore Admin Panel > Apps > More Apps > Search for Telegram > Install this app

Step 2 : Follow the instruction after you had successfully installed the App.

Step 3 : Have Telegram apps install in your mobile phone

Step 4 : Search for  " @easystore_notification_bot " in Telegram and press "start", the bot will send you a 6-digits code

EasyStore Telegram Notification

Step 5 : Enter the 6-digits confirmation code to the box at EasyStore Admin Panel and click "Confirm code".

Step 6 : You will receive a confirmation message on the Telegram app and you're done!

When customers placed an order in your store, you'll receive an order notification

You will receive a notification when a new customer registered to your store as well

Updated on: 17/11/2023

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