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Connect with ShopBack PayLater(discontinued 22nd March 2024)

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Integrate with ShopBack PayLater

ShopBack PayLater will be discontinuing its services completely from 22nd March 2024 onwards. Please contact ShopBack at for further enquiries or support.

1. Introduction

ShopBack PayLater is one of the payment gateways that supports installment services in EasyStore besides Atome, Split and RiiPay. With ShopBack PayLater, your customers can separate their total order amount into 3 interest-free installments via debit or credit card.

If you are a new user, kindly register an account via this link here. Once your account is completed, please ensure the ShopBack PayLater team provides you with:
Merchant ID
Merchant Secret

📌 Important Notes:

Always ensure that credentials are filled in correctly (e.g. SG phone number (+65 country code) / Malaysia credentials cannot be used for SGD currency etc.)

Customers need to have a registered account in order to start accepting customer payments via ShopBack PayLater.

ShopBack PayLater supports Credit/Debit card payment method

Support MYR / SGD / HKD (depends on your ShopBack PayLater account)

For more information, kindly contact ShopBack PayLater support

2. Integrate with** ShopBack PayLater

Step 1 : Go to EasyStore Admin > Settings > Payments > Add payment method > select ShopBack PayLater

Step 2: Fill in the Display name and fill in the Description which will be shown to customers at checkout.

Step 3 : Scroll down to sub payment method settings > Add sub payment method and ticked on the currency:
Malaysian Ringgit - MYR
Singapore Dollar - SGD
Hong Kong Dollar - HKD

📌 Note : The supported currencies are based on which currencies you have signed up with ShopBack PayLater. Therefore, please confirm with the ShopBack PayLater team which currency that your account supports.

Step 4 : Once you have ticked the currency(s) and please fill in 3 columns below to configure the currency:
Merchant ID
Merchant Secret

You need to obtain the information below from the ShopBack PayLater team

Step 5 : Once you have filled in the information accordingly, you may copy the script code below. Kindly be informed that the ‹your-CDN-ID> will be replaced with the CDN ID that you have filled in the CDN ID column.

Step 6 : Click on Channels > Online Store > Edit Source > select theme.liquid file and paste the snippet code before </head> and Save it

📌 Note :
Each CDN ID can only support one currency therefore, each currency will have it's own snippet code
After adding the script, you may need to follow up with ShopBack PayLater team for now on further configuration on the price divider.
Why? Because ShopBack PayLater team is still in the midst of the configuration for the CDN ID snippet code.

The snippet code above is actually the 'price divider' where it will breaks the product price into respective installment prices so customers are able to know how much they would need to pay for each month.

If you have any feedback on the design, please contact the ShopBack PayLater team for any style changes.

You can visit ShopBack PayLater's Help Center for more information too!

ShopBack PayLater will be discontinuing its services completely from 22nd March 2024 onwards. Please contact ShopBack at for further enquiries or support.

Updated on: 26/03/2024

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