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Enable product review and customer testimonial

We all know how review and testimonial of existing customers can boost confidence of potential customers to your brand and product. They make people feel more comfortable making a purchase if they know that other people have made the same purchase for similar reasons and have been happy with their purchase. In EasyStore, there are few options you can use to enable product review and customer testimonial.

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Product Star Rating app
Testimonial slider section

1. Product Star Rating app

This app allows customers to rate your product by stars and comment on product. It can be installed in EasyStore app store.

Once installed, a Customer Reviews section will be auto-enabled below product details in each product page

⚠️ To allow customer to rate on product, kindly take note on the few things stated below :
Merchant need to visit the star rating app setting page, the app will update automatically once visit.
Fulfillment status must be changed to "Delivered". May refer to the screenshot below.

After 24 hours, an email with rating link will be sent to customer.
Customer will be able to rate the product in a new rating page.
Rating will display below product.
Only logged in customers are able to review.
If you want non-buyers to leave a review, you can untick the option.

You can turn on / off the visibility of each review.

You can now reward Store Credits to your reviewers as a token of appreciation!
📌Note: These settings are disabled by default.

💡 Tips: Credit amount is given based on store's primary currency.
💡 Tips: The credit amount that will be rewarded to your reviewers will be shown.

The Product Star Rating invitation email is customizable

You may click on the "Preview" button to preview the invitation email before sending it to your customers.

We will automatically send the first invitation after the order fulfillment status is 'Delivered'.
If you wish to resend the invitation email, you can click on Fulfillments List > click the Resend button manually to resend the invitation email again.

2. Testimonial section

This function is available in Maker, Wave, Lucky, X-force, Candy and subsequent new themes.

Step 1 : Click on Channels > Online Store > Themes and install one of the themes above > Customize > Layout > select Testimonial slider in one of the sections.

Step 2 : To upload testimonial, go to Customize > Testimonial slider. You can link the testimonial to it's original post for e.g. Facebook review.

💡 Tips :
You can do some customization for this section too.
Turn on Circular profile picture crop if you're using a customer's profile picture. If you wish to show the full slider, turn this option off.

Updated on: 01/11/2023

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