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How to change my domain name?

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How to change my domain?
How to change custom domain?

1. How to change my domain?

Each store (free plan or subscribed) will be given a free auto generated EasyStore hosted domain in the format of The domain cannot be changed as it is an auto generated domain. If you wish to have a domain name that is based on your store name, you can Add existing domain at EasyStore admin panel > Channels > Online Store > Domains or Register a new domain with EasyStore or other domain service provider.

This domain is created by following the store name you have entered during store creation. For example if you entered your store name as ABC 123 during store creation, this store will be given a domain.

So, if you wish to change the domain to other name. For example :, you can open a new store and enter the store name as XYZ 789. Just to inform you that, you can actually creating new store using the same email account
Alternatively, we would highly suggest you to add custom domain for your store.

2. How to change custom domain?

Custom domains refer to unique domain for your store like .com or domain. For custom domain purchased / registered through EasyStore, it can't be changed once the domain has been verified with the domain provider.

You are able to add multiple domains for your store at the same time at EasyStore Admin Panel > Channels > Online Store > Domains > Add existing domain or Register a new domain will do.

📌 Note: Free Plan do not support custom domain. Free plan will be using the free auto-generated EasyStore hosted domain in the format of

Updated on: 26/10/2023

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