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Pgeon in da store!!!

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How your customers use Pgeon
Fulfill order using Pgeon widget

1. Introduction

As long as you are an EasyParcel user, the Pgeon widget is here for you to manage Self-collect and Pick-up order. 

Make sure you store has installed EasyParcel app in order to enable the Pgeon widget  Guide to Integrate with EasyParcel.

2. How your customers use Pgeon

2.1 Customer adds item to cart and proceed to [Checkout].

2.2 Customer select delivery method: Self-collect with Pgeon

📌 Note : the option name 'Pickup' and 'Self-collect with Pgeon' are customizable, refer here to know how

2.3 Customer chooses pickup point.

2.4 Customers can search by address, postcode or building name and choose to 'View as List' or 'View in Map'.

2.5 After selecting a point, the [self-collect fee] will be displayed below.

2.6 Customer proceeds to insert billing address.

2.7 The [self-collect fee] will be included in the order total amount as well.

2.8 Customer proceeds to make payment and done

3. Fulfill order using Pgeon widget

3.1 Go to EasyStore Admin > Orders > select Order.

3.2 You are able to see the pickup location that selected by customer in the order.

3.3 Click on Fulfill, an icon will appear next to EasyParcel Malaysia which is the delivery service chosen by customer.

Friendly reminder: Kindly make sure the order is paid before proceed to order fulfillment

3.4 Select the 'Pickup date'

📌 Notes : 
Pickup date:  Is also drop-off date when you will drop-off the parcel for the courier service to pick up your parcel at selected Pgeon Point.
Example: If you set 30/11/2017 as drop-off date, you have to drop-off your parcel on 30/11/2017 at your selected Pgeon Point, and the courier service will collect the parcel on 30/11/2017 as well.

Remark: The "Pickup date" will change to "Dropoff date" once you select "Self dropoff at Pgeon Point" as the delivery option.

3.5 Select "Self dropoff at Pgeon Point" as delivery option

Note: [Self dropoff at Pgeon Point] means you drop off the parcel to the selected Pgeon Point (nearby you), then the courier service will pickup the parcel and send to the self-collect Pgeon Point selected by your customer.

3.6 Select your preferable courier service to send the parcel to your customer selected Pgeon Point

You(seller) can select the prefer courier service to send the parcel to Pgeon Point.
The shipping rate may bear by the seller.

3.7 Proceed to [Fulfill]

3.8 Fulfillment details will be shown on the order page.

What's next?

Download your Air Waybill

Print the Air Waybill and attach it to the parcel accordingly

Mr. Postman will collect the parcel from your selected Pgeon Point

Updated on: 03/11/2023

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