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Installation of Product Filter app

1. Introduction

The Product Filter app allows shoppers to narrow their search results and identify the products they want accurately within seconds. Research shows that 70% of website visitors will leave if they can't find what they are looking for on the site within 15 seconds.

By optimizing your search filter, you will increase the conversion rate by two times (2x), as compared to others.

📌**Important Note:** If the filter is not showing in your store’s collection page, kindly go to Channels > Online Store > Themes > Edit Source > select collection.liquid > click Reset button > Save. Also, it is not recommended to install Product Filter app and Infinite Scrolling app at the same time at the moment.

2. Installation of Product Filter app

Step 1 : Log in to your EasyStore’s Admin Panel > apps > App store > search Product Filter > Install this app > Install

📌Note: After app is installed, need to go through the initial product sync process

📌**Important Note:** For existing merchants that have installed the Product Filter app before we improvise it, kindly ensure you have resync it first before setting it up.

Step 2 : Product Filter app setting

These 5 default filters are not allowed to be deleted or changed.
If the default filters are not your preferred filter, you may unpublished or rename it.

Step 3 : Add filter > Select an option > add > Resync

💡**Tips:** You may click on the resync button to ensure latest changes are reflected.


📌Note: If the product missing from online store while assign to collection, and there's product filter apps in use, but product found in the collection from admin panel, may try to click resync button to update the settings.

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