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Show payment method icons at footer (Old themes only)

Payment method icons shown at your store footer can certainly increase your customers trust and credibility. 

In this article :

Show payment method at footer
Resize payment gateway logo at footer
Change the color for payment logo

⚠️ Before you begin :
Above all, when it comes to code editing, it only applies to old themes; new theme templates do not require any code changes, as you can edit your payment method on the customization page.
We do not allow to change or edit the code for the checkout page (which include shipping & payment method) due to security reasons

Step 1 : Click into Channels > Online Store > Themes > Install one of the themes below.

📌 Note :For old themes (Candy, WAVE, LUCKY, X-Force, Mine Style, Dreams Bedding, The Summer, Adventure Camping, Happy Kitchen, and Flower & Tea House only)

Step 2 : Click Customize > Footer and select which logo to appear at the footer (switch ON/OFF)

Step 3 : Click Save once you are done!

Step 1 : Click on Channels > Online Store > Edit Source and look for timber.scss file

Step 2 : Look for .payment-icons around line 1621 and change the height to your preferred size

Step 3 : Save

Step 1 : Click on Channels > Online Store > Edit Source and look for this file timber.scss

Step 2 : Look for .payment-icons around line 1620 and change the colour code to your preferred colour code. You may get the color code of your preferred color [here](

Step 3 : Save and you're done!

Updated on: 11/10/2023

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