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AutoCount On the Go (AOTG)

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Installation of AutoCount On the Go (AOTG)
Import AutoCount stock item to EasyStore
The synchronize process
AutoCount Logs

📌 Note: Kindly ensure that you have an account with AutoCount. If you have yet to register, you can sign up for a Free Trial account here

1. Introduction

AutoCount is cloud-based accounting software with Inventory (Stock), Billing (Sales, Purchase), and more than 30 other modules. It is an affordable solution for SMEs of all sectors.

Want to know how AutoCount can help in your daily operations? You may contact the AutoCount team for more information:
*Hotline: 1800 88 7766
Demo session:

2. Installation of AutoCount

Step 1 : EasyStore Admin > Apps > More Apps > Search AutoCount > Install this app

Step 2 : Kindly fill in the AutoCount credentials. If you do not have an account with AutoCount yet, you can sign up for a Free Trial account here

Step 3 : Once the credentials has been filled in accordingly, click Save

3. Import AutoCount stock item to EasyStore

Step 1 : Once you have successfully connected with AutoCount, you may click on the AutoCount tab > Select products that you wish to import to EasyStore > click Import

Step 2 : It will state 'Success. Import completed' if the import process is successful. If it failed, it will show the error message too.

This means the AutoCount stock item will be imported to EasyStore as a new product, under Products

📌 Things you need to know:

Newly created products/variants in EasyStore will auto-create a linked Stock Item in AutoCount.

If you want to sync it to AutoCount, you may click on EasyStore tabs > Select product > Link and make sure the product is linked successfully. Kindly refer to the information below on the synchronize process.

4. The synchronize process

4.1 Products

The current synchronize process works both ways. This means you can sync product information from and to both sides (EasyStore & AutoCount). If you have successfully linked AutoCount with EasyStore, any changes made on EasyStore will be reflected on AutoCount automatically (make sure you have successfully linked it).

Kindly refer to the gif below for the synchronize process when updating the price in EasyStore, it will be updated on AutoCount. Attached GIF image as extra reference:

Meanwhile, for updating information on AutoCount, you may need to manually click 'Sync to EasyStore' on the AutoCount app in EasyStore, in order to sync the product information to EasyStore.

And if you want the latest information in EasyStore to be updated to AutoCount, you may click on the Sync to AutoCount' button.

Kindly click on the AutoCount Product app > Click on the EasyStore tab > Select the product(s) and proceed with the following actions:

You will see the status once you have performed the action above (Success or Failed, with a message)

4.2 Orders

Newly paid orders will auto create a linked SalesInvoice at AutoCount

You can now sync orders and refunds to tally StockItem’s quantity at AutoCount. Every order placed and that appeared on the [Orders]( section will appear in the AutoCount app too.

When the orders' payment status becomes PAID, a SalesInvoice will be created at AutoCount. You can now view orders with their associated SalesInvoice, select orders, and create SalesInvoices at AutoCount

The estimation time for the paid orders from EasyStore to be synced to AOTG as SalesInvoice would be around 5 minutes

When the orders are fully/partially refunded, a CreditNote will be created at AutoCount

5. AutoCount Logs

You are able to view the activity for AutoCount under the Logs tab in the AutoCount app. This is where you can view all of the details of the logs specifically for:

Updated on: 22/12/2023

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