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About Biztory
Set up payment method at Biztory

Before you start:
Please make sure you have created a Biztory account. If you do not have a Biztory account yet, click here to register.
Make sure that your EasyStore account is connected with Biztory.

1. About Biztory

Biztory is an user-friendly accounting software which is suitable for all small-medium businesses. It enable to work remotely in the Cloud and do not have to worry about the missing order transactions and statements.

2. Set up payment method at Biztory

Step 1 : EasyStore Admin > Apps > More Apps > Search Biztory Malaysia > Click 'Continue'

Step 2 : Click top right button > My Biztory.

Step 3 : Go down to '3rd Party App' > EasyStore > Click 'Payment method' and select payment method.

Note: The purpose of payment method is to link the payment method between EasyStore and Biztory as the payment in EasyStore and Biztory might be different.

Step 4 : Select payment getaway. You may click + to add more Gateway in EasyStore.

Step 5 : Click 'Save' once you have selected payment method and payment getaway.

Biztory payment method has been successfully connected with EasyStore!

Updated on: 13/11/2023

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