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Connect with Delyva Malaysia

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Introduction to Delyva Malaysia service
Install the Delyva Malaysia app
Fulfilling order with Delyva Malaysia

1. Introduction to Delyva Malaysia service

Delyva is the best delivery platform in Malaysia. Deliver with multiple couriers, select the best courier for every order, and notify customers automatically.

They also provide:
Multiple courier partners
Support same-day delivery
Support food delivery

2. Install the Delyva Malaysia app

📌 Before you start :
You must have a registered account with Delyva
If you do not have an account with Delyva yet, please sign up here
For further assistance, kindly contact Delyva team:
Hotline: +60 19-6210104

Step 1 : Login to your EasyStore admin panel > Click on Apps > App Store > Install the Delyva Malaysia app

If you do not have an account with Delyva yet, please sign up here

Step 2 : Origin Pickup Location is needed in order to use Delyva Malaysia in your store. If you do not setup the Origin Pickup Location yet, please create a pickup location first

Go to [Settings > Location]( and add pickup location

Enter your location address > Save

Step 3 : Fill in the required credentials such as:
Customer ID
Company ID

Delyva team will provide you with the credentials after you have signed up for an account.

Also required to fill in the required information such as

Sender information

Company information

Shipping Condition - General

📌 Note: There is an option for you to choose from, either you want to enable (ticked) OR disable (unticked) the Delyva rate

💡**Tips:** You can add a surcharge to the rates e.g. fixed rate of handling fee or a percentage of the order as well as enable free shipping when an order amount exceeded a threshold.

3. Fulfill order with Delyva Malaysia

Step 1 : Go to Orders > click into the order > Fulfill > Fulfill with Delyva Malaysia. Please make sure that the order payment status is PAID.

Step 2 : Select a pickup date, pickup time, and item type

Step 3 : Select a service to pick up your parcel

Step 4 : Fulfill order

Step 5 : Download your Delyva Malaysia's Air Waybill under More actions > Download Delyva Malaysia's air waybill

Updated on: 03/11/2023

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