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Connect with DHL

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Connect DHL eCommerce account to your store
Fulfill order and send parcels using DHL eCommerce

📌 Before you begin :
Make sure you have registered an account with DHL eCommerce. If you have yet to register, please click here and proceed with account creation.
You need to register for a DHL account to enable DHL eCommerce.
Please add your pickup location and set a weight for all of your products before you integrate with DHL eCommerce
The current integrated DHL eCommerce only supports delivery within Malaysia only.

1. Introduction

We believe you all heard of DHL as it is one of the e-commerce logistics specialists. By integrating with DHL as one of your logistic services in EasyStore, it helps you in the processes of shipping and fulfillment solutions. You can also create a new shipment, get a rate & time quote also schedule pickup from here

Kindly ensure that you have a registered account with DHL to proceed with the integration. Do reach out to the contact details below if you wish to get further assistance from the DHL team :
+60 1546000166 (Customer Service Number)

More contact details can be found here

2. Connect DHL eCommerce account to your store

Step 1 : Go to EasyStore app > Search for DHL eCommerce and install the app

Step 2 : You need to fill in the required IDs. These IDs can be obtained through your DHL dashboard. You can contact the DHL support team for further assistance :

Step 3 : Fill in your information here

Step 4 : Select your pickup location and you can select Enable COD if you provide Cash on Delivery.

Step 5 : Save.

3. Fulfill order and send parcels using DHL eCommerce

💡 Tips : DHL eCommerce supports bulk fulfillment max 50 orders at once. Kindly ensure that the orders are paid, not cancelled or archived in order to bulk fulfill the orders successfully. Also support bulk download AWB (max 50 at a time)

Step 1 : Go to Orders > click into the order > Fulfill > Fulfill with DHL Malaysia

Step 2 : You will be directed to the order fulfillment page here. Choose the
Pickup date
Pickup start time
Pickup end time

Step 3 : Once the date and start times have been selected, kindly click Fulfill order button and this order has been fulfilled.

Step 4 : Once you have fulfilled the order, you can download the airway bill.

📌 Note :
DHL eCommerce support bulk download airwaybills (AWB).
DHL eCommerce's pickup time: Monday to Saturday, 12PM - 6PM.
Upon arrival at the pick-up address, DHL's delivery person will check that each shipment is packed in good condition for transportation.

💡 Tips : The order number will be printed on the top left corner of AWB for easier handling

Updated on: 09/11/2023

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