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About DOKU and the application
Integrate DOKU account

1. About DOKU & application

DOKU is an online payment gateway, supporting Indonesian eCommerce to easily receive online payments made by shoppers. They process payments through :

Credit Card (VISA, MASTER, JCB)

Minimarket (Alfamart, Alfamidi, AlfaExpress)

Internet banking (Mandiri clickpay, PermataNet, BCA KlikPay)

Bank Transfer (PRIMA, ALTO, ATM Bersama, Mandiri, BCA, PermataBank, sinarmas)

e-Wallet (DOKU)

View DOKU payment getaway pricing here

2. Integrate DOKU account

Step 1 : Login to your DOKU Merchant Account at

Step 2 : Remote to the [ Manage Merchant ] tab and click on the "edit" link.

Step 3 : Key in the following information: 

Logo: Upload your business logo here

Business Name: Your Business Name

Address: Business Location

PIC Name: Business Owner Name

PIC Email: Business Owner Email Address

Shared key: Auto-generated by DOKU

URL Notify: http://yourdomainname/payment/doku/notify

URL Redirect: http://yourdomainname/payment/doku/accept

URL Review: [](

URL Identify: http://yourdomainname/payment/doku/identify

Here are some examples : 

Step 4 : EasyStore Control Panel > Settings > Payments > Add payment method

Step 5 : Select Doku

Step 6 : Key in the followings: 

Mail ID: You can get this from the [ Manage Merchant ] > Mail ID

Chain Merchant: NA

Shared key: Get from step 3

Step 7 : Done

Updated on: 14/11/2023

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