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Connect with Hong Leong Bank

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Get started
Integrate with Hong Leong Bank
How to obtain the "Password"
How to obtain the "Notification Secret"
Where is my Integration Setting & Webhooks Notification?
What is 3DS? (3D Secure transaction)

1. Get started

Make sure you have a registered account with Hong Leong Bank. You will need these IDs to proceed with the setup :
Merchant ID
Operation ID
Notification Secret

If you do not have an account with Hong Leong Bank yet, you may sign up from here and click Let's Connect button, fill in the information needed and submit the application

📌 Important Note :

Must create an admin account to get Password and Notification Secret

HLB representatives will contact merchants in 5-7 working days once they fill the form

The onboarding process in HLB will take around 3 weeks.

Support MYR currency only

Able to accept overseas card that are 3DS enabled. Non 3DS enabled cards will be rejected.

Support Credit/Debit Card payment method only

Transaction fee :

2. Integrate with Hong Leong Bank

Step 1 : Go to EasyStore Admin > Settings > Payments > Add payment method > select Hong Leong Bank

Step 2 : Fill in the Display name and fill in Description which will be shown to customers at checkout

📌 Note :
Don't forget to insert your Merchant ID & Operation ID(provided by Hong Leong Bank)
You can obtain Password & Notification Secret on the dashboard

Step 3 : Make sure 'Hong Leong Bank is now enabled' is selected

Step 4 : Complete the payment settings > Save

3. How to obtain the "Password"**

Step 1 : Login here > Admin > Operators > Click on ‘Create a New Merchant Administrator Operator ’

Step 2 : Please fill in the Operator ID using your preferred credentials

Step 3 : You are required to tick on the necessary features > Click Submit

Step 4 : Log out and now log in using your operator ID which you’ve just created in Step 2

Step 5 : Click Admin> Click on Integration Settings

and you will see your Password here

Step 6 : Copy the Password & paste it at EasyStore payment setup page

Step 7 : Save

💡 Tips : If you want to generate new Password, you can click the Edit button

after that, click Generate New

4. How to obtain the "Notification Secret"

Step 1 : Login here > Admin > Webhooks Notification

Step 2 : Tick the enabled box to enabled Webhooks Notifications

Step 3 : Generate new secret > Save

Step 4 : Copy the Secret and paste it under Notification Secret

Step 5 : Save and you're done

5. Where is my Integration Setting & Webhooks Notification?

📌 Important Note :
You need to create an admin account to get Password and Notification Secret. Please register here to get your login credentials
Make sure you have enabled Integration Settings and Webhook Notifications. Below would be the steps on how to enable it

Step 1 : Login here > Admin > Operators

Step 2 : Click Edit

Step 3 : Scroll down to General > Tick
May Configure Integration Settings
May Configure Email and Webhook Notifications

Step 4 : Click Submit > Done

You can contact Hong Leong team for further assistance through the contact details below :

Phone number : +60376268899

Contact Form :

6. What is 3DS? (3D Secure transaction)

Once 3DS has been enabled, it will prompt cardholders with one time password.

The cardholders would need to key in the password in order to proceed with the transactions. 3DS mainly to allows cardholders to authenticate themselves with the issuer of their payment card and it is an additional security layer that helps prevent fraud.

There are countries that do not enable 3DS transaction such as :
United States (US)
and some Europe countries.

Updated on: 13/11/2023

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