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Connect with Lalamove Singapore

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Connect Lalamove Singapore account to your store
Fulfill order and send the parcel using Lalamove Singapore service

📌 You MUST complete the steps below before you can use Lalamove app in your store

Add your pickup location. You can disable the location if you do not wish to let customers go and pickup their parcels there, Lalamove still can use a disabled location.

Make sure to set up weight for all of your products

Make sure both origin address and shipping address is a valid address

Make sure the Lalamove shipper mobile phone is correct

Fill in this google form and create a Lalamove account to obtain your Lalamove User ID (link for account creation is in the google form)

Lalamove will email you with the API KEY and API SECRET, in order to complete your setup integration.

1. Introduction

Lalamove Singapore provides on-demand and same-day delivery services by using technology to connect your business with its delivery drivers which have different types of courier capacity such as Bike (Motorcycle), Car, 1.7m van and 2.4m Van.

2. Connect Lalamove Singapore account to your store

Step 1 : Go to EasyStore app > Search for Lalamove Singapore and install the app.

Step 2 : Fill up all the details under Setups

API KEY and SECRET: Your ID keys from Lalamove Singapore
Sender First and Last Name: Your name as the parcel sender
Sender phone: Your contact number

Step 3 : Select Location name being your pickup location under Company information.

💡 Tips : You can add store locations in EasyStore Admin > Settings > Locations.

Step 4 : Enable the shipping rates in Lalamove Singapore.

💡 Tips : You may enable COD payment method for all shipping options in Lalamove Singapore too.

Step 5 : Now the app will auto calculate Lalamove delivery rates for customers at checkout, you don't have to set up the shipping rates yourself.

3. Fulfill orders using Lalamove service

Step 1 : Go to Orders > Click into the order > Fulfill > Select Lalamove Singapore.

Step 2 : Choose your preferred pickup date and pickup time > Click Quote Shipping Rate > Choose the delivery service

Lastly, click Fulfill order and your delivery order will be passed over to Lalamove Singapore automatically!

and you will see the real-time Tracking URL from Lalamove once you have fulfilled the order.

Now you can just #StayAtHome and wait for Lalamove driver to come and collect your parcel!

Updated on: 03/11/2023

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