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1. Get Started

Ozopay is an online payment solution where you can receive payments from your customers securely via e-wallet, credit cards & online bank transfers.

Please sign up for an Ozopay account from here. Once your application has been approved, the Ozopay team will provide you with the Merchant TID and Secret Key to proceed with the setup in EasyStore.

📌 Important Note :
Supports MYR currency only
Supports Credit/Debit card, FPX (Online Banking) & e-Wallets
Support businesses that are registered in Malaysia only

You can contact Ozopay team to know more :
Hotline: 1-300-88-8606

2. Integrate with Ozopay

Step 1 : Go to EasyStore Admin > Settings > Payments > Add payment method > select Ozopay

Step 2 : Fill in the Display name and fill in Description which will be shown to customers at checkout

📌 Note :
Don't forget to insert your Merchant TID & Secret Key ( provided by Ozopay )
Make sure 'Ozopay is now enabled' is selected

Step 3 : Complete the payment settings for Ozopay > Save

3. What you need to know

For your information, there will be a minimum amount to use Ozopay as the payment method:

Payment MethodMinimum Amount
Card, Boost, RM E-walletRM 0.10
FPX (Online Banking) B2CRM 1
FPX (Online Banking) B2BRM 2

Below would be the payment list for RM E-wallet:
Touch ‘n Go eWallet
GrabPay Wallet
WeChat Pay China (Currency RMB, will auto convert the currency from MYR to RMB on Ozopay's payment page)
AliPay China (Currency RMB, will auto convert the currency from MYR to RMB on Ozopay's payment page)

Updated on: 13/11/2023

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