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1. Introduction

Pacenow is one of the payment gateways that supports installment services in EasyStore besides Atome, Split and RiiPay. With Pacenow, your customers are able to split the total order amount of their purchases into 3 interest-free installements. Merchants may use Pacenow’s app integration to configure price divider at product page and checkout page.

About your application with Pacenow:
It is self-integrated by Pacenow team.
You may reach the Pacenow team at to register with Pacenow and their team will assist you to get started.

📌 Important Notes:
Always ensure that credentials are filled in correctly (e.g. SG phone number (+65 country code) and Malaysia credentials cannot be used for SGD currency etc.).
Your customers must have verified Pacenow account in order to use Pacenow as payment method.
Support MYR, SGD, HKD only.
For more information, kindly contact

2. Integrate with Pacenow

Step 1 : Go to EasyStore Admin Panel > Settings > Payments > Add Pacenow payment method via this link.

Step 2 : Fill in the information (Client ID and Client Secret) > Save

Step 3 : Install and integrate with Pacenow's app. With the app integration, you are able to

Verify your store

Configure price divider at product page and checkout page

Enable playground/sandbox/UAT test transaction

You may click here to install Pacenow app.

Step 4 : To verify your store, you may fill in your credential (Client ID and Client Secret) > Click Verify.

Step 5 : After verification, you will be directed to the Pacenow App Setting page. Please refer to the next part and proceed with the further steps.

3. Setup Pacenow

Step 1 : Setup plugin by following the checklist below.

Turn on the Enable option.

Turn on the Enable Playground option.

Fill in your API credential.
📌Note: You must be a Pace registered merchant to get these API credentials. Please contact if you need help retrieving these details.

Turn on for Pace Widgets

Scroll down to container classname/ID > fill in: .product-single__prices

Turn on for Product Catalog Widget

Scroll donw to container classname/ID > fill in: .grid-link__meta

Turn on Checkout Widget

Turn on Fallback Widget

Scroll down to Sync Pace Widget Elements > select Use custom classname/ID option

Click Save

💡Tips: May refer to video below for the steps too

Step 2 : Now, the widgets are appeared on your online store.

Step 3 : Add some items into cart and proceed to checkout.

Step 4 : Add "?testing=true" at the end of the checkout URL > press "Enter" to refresh the page.

Step 5 : Fill up the contact information and shipping address.

Step 6 : Select "Pacenow" payment method > click "Place Order Now".

Step 7 : Fill up the phone number to login or create a new account > Click Next.

💡Tips: You may check for the installment schedule and amount here.

Step 8 : Once successfully logged in > Click Confirm Payment > Payment Successful > Back to your store.

Step 9 : Go to your EasyStore Admin Panel > Orders > the test order's payment status became "paid".

Step 10 : Your customers are able to make payments via Pacenow now!

Updated on: 09/11/2023

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