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Customise Email Templates

Step 1: Log in to EasyStore’s admin panel > setting > templates

Step 2: Select the email template that you want to customize

💡Click the pencil icon to edit

1. Email layout

(a) Email Template Layout

Customize your email layout design

(b) EasyStore watermark

Enable or disable the "Powered by EasyStore” watermark at the bottom

📌The option to disable watermark only available for Business plan users and above

2. Order email

(a) Order Confirmation Email

You can set it as enabled or disabled

(b) Order Notification Email

May use include CC to include other receipient

(c) Order Invoice Email

You can set it as enabled or disabled

(d) Payment Notification Email

(e) Order Refund Email

(f) Order Cancelled Email

(g) Abandoned Order Email

(h) Payment Reminder Email

3. Customers account

(a) Customer Account Invite Email

(b) Customer Account Welcome Email

(c) Customer Account Password Reset Information Email

(d) Customer Account Password Reset Email

4. Shipping and fulfillment update

(a) Packing Slip Email

(b) Order Fulfillment Confirmation Email

(c) Order Fulfillment Update Email

5. Points & Membership (💡Available in Business plan and above)

(a) Membership Upgraded Email

(b) Membership Renewed Email

(c) Membership Downgraded Email

Step 3: Save the changes

Updated on: 26/09/2023

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