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Enable Alipay payment method

⚠️ Note: This only eligible for Malaysian eGHL merchants

Alipay is a world-leading third party digital payment and lifestyle platform operated by Ant Financial Services Group with over 450 million active users in China & beyond and is the most popular payment tool in China.

eGHL as TPA for Alipay, now enabled merchants to accept payments from customers who have the Alipay wallet. 

Note to EasyStore merchants: If the final currency (during your customer checkout) of your online store is in MYR, eGHL will help to convert it to USD in their exchange rate. This applies when your customers choose Alipay as the payment method. The exchange rate is fluctuate and is determined by eGHL. This is stated in the application agreement (for new application after 26 Oct 2017).

As long as you have an active account with eGHL, you can activate the Alipay payment method for your online store. Learn to apply eGHL Direct Debit account

If you already have an account with eGHL, you may contact eGHL to activate the Alipay payment method. You will receive a new agreement with Alipay payment method added. Kindly allow 5-7 working days for the entire process.

If you're not using eGHL, you can get the complimentary Direct Debit account from register an account from eGHL website.

If you have any questions regarding Alipay activation, you may contact eGHL team here:

Updated on: 14/11/2023

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