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Shipping Discount

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Steps to create shipping discount

1. Introduction

Shipping discount refers to offering subsidized or free shipping to your customer. With shipping discount, you can set different shipping discount rate for different region and different spending.

💡The benefits of offering shipping discount

- Enhances Customer Loyalty: Customers appreciate businesses that prioritize their needs. Offering discounted shipping can help build customer loyalty and increase repeat purchases with your brand.
- Higher Average Order Value: Customers will tend to purchase additional items to meet the minimum order value required for subsidized or discounted shipping. This can lead to larger average order sizes.

2. Steps to create shipping discount

Step 1: Login to EasyStore’s admin panel > Promotions > select All discount > Add discount

💡 Tip : Select all voucher > add voucher if you would like to create the shipping discount as redeemable voucher

Step 2: Select the discount for Shipping fee

Step 3: Fill in title & description

Step 4: Set purchase requirement. Based on amount spend or quantity purchased

💡 Tip: You can select the applicable item as store wide or specific item too

Step 5: Set the discount value as free shipping or subsidized partial shipping

💡 Tips: For example if you want to offer RM5 discount on the shipping fees, you can fill in RM5 at the subsidized shipping column

Step 6: Select the applicable country and region.

💡Once a country is selected, you will be prompted to further select sub-regions ( by zip codes or states )

Type in zip code - define your zone by manually inserting zip codes

Select from list - define your zone by selecting from the list of states

Step 7: Applicable shipping method

All shipping methods
Shipping only
Pickup only

Step 8: Discount method

8.1 Automatic Discount

The discount can be apply automatically without any extra code or redeem action once the discount condition has been met

8.2 Discount Code

Required to be entered when customer checkout.
Multiple voucher codes can be generated.
Can either manually create your own voucher code / click "Generate code" to auto generate voucher code.

Step 9: Select customer eligibility

Customer login is not required for option:
Open to public

Customer login is compulsory to the discount for options:
All logged-in members
Selected customer group(s)
Selected customer(s)
Selected membership tier(s)

Step 10: Store usage limit and customer usage limit
Limited times (Total number of usage for this promotion per store/ per customer account)

📌 Note: Customer login is required if there is limited times usage because system will need customer account information to track for the usage

💡  Tips: Go to Setting > Checkout > Customer Account > select option Log in is required

Step 11: Save and your shipping discount has been created!

3. FAQs

Q : Which EasyStore's Plan includes Shipping Discount feature?

Shipping Discount feature is available for EasyStore's Standard Plan and above.

Updated on: 05/11/2023

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