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Add product with variants

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About product variants
Adding product with variants
Add image for variants
Bulk edit variant price or quantity
Arrange or delete variants

📌 Note:
We have a dropdown product variant display. You can go to Channels > Online Store > Customize > Button and disabled variants tag options > Save

and this would be the result on your website :

1. About product variants

You may have a business need that requires you to create products that have variations in size, color, style, or other attributes. Each possible combination of these attributes on a particular product is known as a variant or variation.

2. Adding products with variants

Step 1 : Go to EasyStore Admin > Products > Add product > fill in the product Title and Description

Step 2 : Add product images ( including images for all variations )

💡 Tips : You are able to edit the image title (image alt). Having an image name can help in improving and boosting your website/product SEO.

Step 3 : Click Add variants > insert your Option types and Option values.
Use Enter to separate between values.
Maximum of 3 option types and 100 option values

Step 4 : Fill in your variants details

📌 Note :
If your variants have limited stock quantity, select EasyStore tracks inventory of this product at the next step 2.5 and you'll see the Inventory column appear
If you choose to disabled the product variants, it will be hidden for those products that consist of 1 level of option type only.

Step 5 : Complete your Variants settings.

📌 Note : If you choose EasyStore tracks inventory of this product, you can go back to above to fill in the quantity under Inventory column

Step 6 : At the next section, click Edit website SEO to edit URL and handle and meta description for your product page. More guide here

Step 7 : Complete your Visibility, Collections, Tags, Brands and Vendors settings on the right hand side.

Step 8 : Save and done.

3. Add image for variants

Step 1 : Once you have created the product, click Edit again.

Step 2 : Scroll down to the Variants section and select image for your variants.

4. Bulk edit variant price or quantity

Similarly, go back to edit product page > select the variants you would like to edit > click Edit price or Edit quantity to edit.

Use Apply button to bulk edit for all selected variants.

5. Arrange, add or delete variants

Similarly, go back to edit product page > click Edit options > arrange, add or delete variants as it deems needed.

Upon saving all the settings, you will be able to view the new changes and customers can select different product variations now!

Updated on: 30/10/2023

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