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Connect with POS Malaysia

In this article:
Connect Pos Malaysia account to your store
Fulfill order and send parcel using Pos Malaysia Service

1. Introduction

Pos Malaysia provides nationwide delivery service in Malaysia.

What you can do with the integration of POS Malaysia?
Display shipping rate in MYR - Take a look at the rates of delivery in Ringgit Malaysia (RM) on your website.
Enable wide coverage of shipping area - Expand your domestic markets, including Peninsular Malaysia, Sarawak and Sabah, by shipping locally.
Enable pick up - Provide options for merchants to pick up your parcels whether it is your retail store, your pick up point, or anywhere else you choose.
Fulfil orders - Effortlessly speed up your shipping process with neat and clear airway bills.
Enable shipping profiles - Set different shipping rates for different products, locations, or both, so you won't get overcharged!

📌 Note : You MUST complete the steps below before you can use Pos Malaysia in your store:
1. Add your pickup location. You can disable the location if you do not wish to let customers go and pickup their parcels there, Pos Malaysia still can use a pick-up disabled location.
2. Please ensure that you have already signed up for an account with POS Malaysia. If you have yet to sign up with POS Malaysia, please fill this form.
3. Account Number will be provided by POS Malaysia's team to you.

2. Connect Pos Malaysia account to your store

Step 1: Go to EasyStore app > Search for Pos Malaysia and install the app.

Step 2: Fill up all the details under Account Settings

Account Number will be provided by POS Malaysia's team to you.
Sender name : your brand name as the parcel sender
Sender phone: your business contact number
Select your preferred format to print airway bill (A6 as default)

Step 3: Select Location name being your pickup location under Company information.

💡 Tips: You can add store locations in Admin > Settings > Locations.

Step 4: Pos Malaysia also supports COD (cash on delivery service)

💡 Tips: Tick the Enable Cash on Delivery checkbox under Shipping Options in POS Malaysia app setting and it will show in the checkout page if the shipping address is supported.

Step 5: You can add a surcharge to the rates e.g. fixed rate of handling fee or a percentage of the order as well as enable free shipping when an order amount exceeded the amount set.

3. Fulfill orders using Pos Malaysia service

📌 Notes:
- Now Pos Malaysia supports bulk fulfillment maximum 50 orders at once. Kindly ensure that the orders are paid, not canceled or archived in order to bulk fulfill the orders successfully.
- Pos Malaysia also supports bulk download AWB (maximum 50 at a time)

Step 1: Go to Orders > click into the order > Fulfill > Fulfill with Pos Malaysia.

Step 2: Shipment settings. Choose yes / no for Pick Up. Click Fulfill order and your delivery order will be passed over to Pos Malaysia automatically.

Step 3: You can now download your airway bills by bulk or individually.

Bulk download: Go to EasyStore Admin Panel > Orders > Check the orders that you wish to print airway bills > More actions > Download Pos Malaysia AWB

Single download: Within order page > More actions > Download Pos Malaysia AWB

Updated on: 20/12/2023

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