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Contact Form Plus +

Contact Form Plus plus makes it possible for merchants to collect the survey responses from their own customers by using their own customized contact form.

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Installation of Contact Form Plus app
How to add image in Contact Form Plus?

1. Installation of Contact Form Plus app

Step 1 : EasyStore admin panel > Apps > More Apps > Search for Contact Form plus.

Step 2 : Install this app

Step 3 : Fulfill the setting

💡 Tips : The submission of the form will send to the recipient email.

Step 4 : The button will appear on the bottom of the form to let your customers send out the completed form.

For example:

Step 5 : You can select multiple input fields in one form > Choose a Text field > Add selected input

📌 Note: Kindly be informed that after select or change selection have to click Add selected input

For example : Checkbox > Add selected input

The changes will show at the Output (scroll down the page)

Step 6 : Output - Fill in the title, description about this form, required information.

Step 7 : Save all settings

Step 8 : View your homepage, a 'Contact Us' tab will automatically be added to your top navigation menu. Click it and have a look!

If you would like to rename the page, you can do so by going to Channels > Online Store > Navigations > Contact Form Plus > Edit > Insert your preferred title > Save

2. How to add image in Contact Form Plus?

For some cases, you wish to upload a QR Code image to allow your customers to scan it. Below would be the steps on how to insert a QR Code image on your Contact Form Plus.

First thing first, you need to have the QR Code image link. Don't know where to get? Let me guide you

Step 1 : Click on Products > Click Add Product > Click Images > Add Image > Upload Image and you can obtain the Image URL here

Step 2 : Next, click on Apps > Contact Form Plus > Scroll down to Output and paste the code below on select which column that you wish to add the QR Code image.
<br><img src="QR-CODE-URL" width="150px" height="150px">

For example, we add in the Form description column here

💡 Tips : You can adjust the width px and height px value for the QR Code image size

Step 3 : Save all settings and here is the final result:

3. Tips

If the Contact Us Form Navigation did not appear in your main menu, you can add it by following the steps below:

Step 1 : Channels > Online Store > Navigations

Step 2 : Choose Main Menu > Select Link as navigation type > Change URL to https:// > Insert apps/contact-form-plus in handle > Tick Navigator publish date check box

URL = https://
Handle =

Step 4 : Click Save and you're done!


Updated on: 20/11/2023

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