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Add WhatsApp chat button

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Get WhatsApp chat button code
Add WhatsApp chat button in your store

1. Introduction

WhatsApp is a popular chat app among Malaysian, almost everyone with mobile phone will have WhatsApp app installed in their phone. By adding a WhatsApp chat button in your store, your store visitors and customers can reach you instantly through their mobile number, no account required.

2. Get WhatsApp chat button code

📌 Note: GetButton service might incur charges, visit GetButton for pricing and charges

Step 1: Go to GetButton (previously known as WhatsHelp ) > click 'Get Your Button'.

Step 2: Select WhatsApp icon and fill in your mobile number > scroll down.

Step 3: Customize your button ( you are only able to change Position and Call to action ) > scroll down.

Step 4: Insert your email address and click 'Get Button Code'.

Step 5: The section will change and show you your code ( no need go to your email ) > copy the code.

3. Add WhatsApp chat button in your store

Step 1: Go to EasyStore Admin > Channels > Online Store > Edit source > layout/theme.liquid > scroll down to the bottom and paste the code after </div>.

Step 2: Save and done

Updated on: 11/07/2023

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