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WhatsApp Inbox Management (Messages Inbox)

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Add WhatsApp Business platform
WhatsApp inbox conversation window
Messages template

1. Introduction

WhatsApp Inbox Management featurre helps to efficiently manage and respond to customer inquiries and messages through the WhatsApp Business API. This feature helps businesses stay organized and responsive to customer needs.

Once you have connected WhatsApp number with this features, you can received and reply to WhatsApp inquiries directly via the conversation window started under EasyStore Messages section

💡 What is WhatApp Business API?
It is an application that allows businesses to receive and respond to WhatsApp messages seamlessly

2. Add WhatsApp Business platform

Step 1: Go to EasyStore’s admin panel > Messages > Platforms setting > Add platform > Select WhatsApp Business

Step 2: Click Connect to Facebook button

Step 3: Fill in your business information > Select your Meta business account

Step 4: Create or select your WhatsApp Business account

📌 Note: For the first time connecting, kindly select Create a WhatsApp Business account

Step 5: Create a WhatsApp Business profile
Fill in your WhatsApp Business account name (not visible to audience)
Fill in your WhatsApp Business profile display name (visible to audience)
Select your time zone
Select business category

After filled in the required information, click Next to proceed

Step 6 : Add a phone number for WhatsApp

💡  Tips :It will be recommended to purchase and add with a new phone number as compared to existing WhatsApp Business phone number.

Purchasing a new phone number from Telco (recommended)
Purchase a new number from the local Telco and connect it to WhatsApp Business API through the setup flow in EasyStore.

Migrate existing WhatsApp Business phone number
It is possible to keep the phone number that has registered in your WhatsApp Business app.

However, you will need to delete the current WhatsApp Business account associated with that phone number without uninstalling the app. Afterward, you can only access this WhatsApp account through EasyStore Inbox.

📌 Important Note:
1. Existing chats (history) and contacts will not be migrated to the WhatsApp Business API as the data are stored on the device and WhatsApp does not have access to it
2. While you are migrating numbers, all incoming messages will be queued by WhatsApp servers and delivered after a successful migration. You can access to these queued messages via EasyStore Inbox.

Step 6.1: Select your phone number country code > fill in the phone number

Step 6.2: Verify your phone number by Text Message or Phone Call

Step 7: Verify your phone number
Fill in the verification code that you received from Step 6 above

Step 8: Complete the verification and WhatsApp Business platform set up

After filled in the verification code in Step 7, click Next > Continue > Finish.

3. WhatsApp inbox conversation window

After you have connected WhatsApp Business platform successfully with EasyStore, once the inquiries received from WhatsApp, a conversation window will be started.

You can reply to the message received via conversation window

💡 About the conversation window

First 24 hours conversation window
User can send free form messages(any messages content) during the first 24-hours conversation window started.

After 24 hours conversation window
If user not received any reply or message from customer in the past 24 hours, user can only send the template messages that approved by Meta

4. Messages template

A user can only send template messages if they have not received a message from the customer in the past 24 hours.

Step 1: Go to WhatsApp Business Platform settings > click templates

Step 2: Click Add template button

Step 3: Fill in the template title and template identifier

💡 Tips: Template identifier can only contain lowercase letters, alphanumeric characters ,and underscores.

Step 4: Choose your message template category. There were 3 categories as below:

Send codes to verify a transaction or login.

Send promotions or information about your products, services or business.

Send messages about an existing order or account.

Step 5: Choose language for your template

Step 6: Enter your message template content

💡 Tips: Custom fields is available to be added into message template content too

Example of message template that added with custom field

Step 7: Save > submit the template > wait for Meta to approve it

💡 Tips :Once the template approved, it will be available in the conversation window

5. FAQ

Q : Which EasyStore's Plan includes WhatsApp inbox management?

WhatsApp inbox management is available for EasyStore's Business Plan and Retail Plan

More features are waiting for you in Business and Retail plan


Q : What are the other platforms that supported for message inbox management?

EasyStore message inbox management is supporting for the following platform too:


💡[Find out more about Message Inbox management](

Updated on: 19/11/2023

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