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Add Messages Platform
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1. Introduction

Are you tired of juggling multiple messaging platforms to keep up with your customers' inquiries?

EasyStore’s Messenger, Telegram, and LINE message inbox feature streamlines your customer communication into one convenient place, allowing you to reply to messages at your convenience.

With messages inbox features, say goodbye to wasted time and resources in switching between multiple platform in resolving customer inquiries.

2. Add Messaging Platform

Steps: Go to EasyStore’s admin panel > Messages > Platforms setting > Add platform

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The Messaging Platform available:
- Line
- Messenger
- Telegram
- WhatsApp

You may select your prefer platform from the list:

2.1 Add WhatsApp Business API messaging platform

Steps: Follow the steps in this guide to add WhatsApp Business API messaging

2.2 Add Messenger messaging platform

Step 1: Click Connect to Facebook button

💡 Tips: If you have enabled Messenger channel in EasyStore, your messenger will be automatically connected under messaging platform. May continue with adding Platform name > Save

2.3 Add LINE messaging platform

📌 Note: Before adding Line platform, kindly ensure that your Line Business account is ready with Messaging API.

If you do not have a LINE Messaging API, please refer this guide to create. Once you have created the Messaging API from LINE portal, you can follow the steps below to proceed

Step 1: Log in to the LINE Developer > Select an existing Messaging API Channel > Basic Settings > Copy the Channel ID > Paste into the Channel ID field in EasyStore

Step 2: Scroll down to Channel secret > Copy Channel secret > paste to Channel Secret field in EasyStore

Step 3: Go to Messaging API tab > Scroll down to Channel access token > copy the key (click the reissue button if the key is not available) > paste to Channel Token field in EasyStore

Step 4: Enter the Platform name in EasyStore > Save

Step 5: Refresh LINE Developer portal > Webhook URL in Messaging API will be updated

Step 6: Enable the Use Webhook option > Done

2.4 Add Telegram messaging platform

Step 1: Refer this guide here to obtain Telegram Channel/ API Token

Step 2: Copy the Token provided by Telegram bot > paste it to Channel Token field in EasyStore

Step 3: Enter the Platform name in EasyStore > Save

3. View and reply to messages

After added the messaging platform successfully, the messages received will appear under Inbox

With EasyStore Inbox messages, you can directly reply to customer’s inquiries within EasyStore’s admin panel, as well as send attachment, images, emojis, and reply to specific messages

You can link existing customers or create new customers to the conversation for ease of accessing their information

When the conversation with customer ends, you can choose to close the conversation, and the conversation will appear under the "closed".

💡 Tips : A closed conversations can be re-open anytime when needed

Q : Which EasyStore's Plan includes Messages Inbox feature?

Messages Inbox feature is available for EasyStore's Business Plan and Retail Plan

More features are waiting for you in Business and Retail plan


Updated on: 20/11/2023

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