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Contact Form

Feedback is the main source of improvement and with the Contact Form app, you can allow your customers to send you their feedback easily.

Step 1 : EasyStore Admin > Apps > More Apps > Search Contact Form

Step 2 : Install the app

Step 3 : Fill in the necessary information

Step 4 : Customize the form

Step 5 : Top content & bottom content.

Step 6 : Save your settings when you are done

Step 7 : It will create a new page on your store, goes by the name Contact Us. If you would like to rename the page, you can do so by going to Online Store > Navigations > Contact Us > Edit

Step 8 : You will have to make sure the URL link is "https://" and the handle comes with "yourdomainname/a/contact-form" to prevent the contact us form is unable to connect.

URL = https://
Handle = form


📌Additional note:

Contact Form supports Traditional Chinese (繁體中文) & Simplified Chinese (简体中文) language:

Contact form setting page in EasyStore Admin :

View of the created Contact Form in Online Store :

💡Tips: Click here to learn how to Change language for online store and admin panel

Updated on: 20/11/2023

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