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Installation of NovoChat
Steps to get NovoChat button on your website
Other information about NovoChat

1. Introduction

If you are looking for a chat widget that helps you to centralize all the messages from WhatsApp, LINE, Telegram and Facebook Messenger in one place, then NovoChat is what you are looking for!

You can integrate with NovoChat as you are able to send [bulk messages]( and having [omnichannel chat]( to reach out to your customers in few channels instead of just one to help you to drive more sales and reach out to your customers easily.

Make sure you have an account with NovoChat to integrate them to your EasyStore website. Sign up for 7 days free trial from here, and if you wish to continue using NovoChat after the 7 days free trial, here's the Plans & Pricing for Novochat.

You may reach out for NovoChat team by joining NovoChat's WhatsApp Automation Community or book a meeting slot with NovoChat team from here to know more!

2. Installation of NovoChat

Step 1 : EasyStore Admin > Apps > More Apps > Search NovoChat > Install this app

Step 2 : Fill in the Whatsapp Number, turn on the Deploy Widget and click Save

and you have successfully integrated NovoChat with EasyStore!

3. Steps to get NovoChat button on your website

There are 4 channels provided by NovoChat and make sure that you have enabled either 1 of the chat button:

Whatsapp Business



Facebook Messenger

Step 1 : Login to your NovoChat account > click on Settings

Step 2 : Click on Widget. You can customize your widget preference under Widget Settings > Design

Company logo (can upload company logo image)
Chat widget position (Left or Right)
Primary colour

You can see the preview on the right hand side

Step 3 : You can see the channels that you have enabled under Channels tab, so make sure you have enabled either 1 chat widget under Channels then only it will appear on the chat widget.

Step 4 : You may proceed with the chat widget installation under the Installation tab.

Please activate the widget
Copy the installation code
Select Display Pages.

and click Update.

Step 5 : Log in to your EasyStore admin panel > Channels > Online Store > Edit Source. Select theme.liquid file and paste the installation code after </head>

Step 6 : Click Save and the NovoChat chat widget will appear on your EasyStore website (the pink one on bottom right).

4. Other information about NovoChat

Click here to view the general information that you might need to know

As mentioned, you are able to keep track of all the messages in a centralized inbox in NovoChat dashboard > Inbox section. Besides, you are able to search for conversation, mark the messages as read etc. too!

Want to send broadcast messengers but can't think of the content or template? No worries, you can refer to NovoChat's Message Template Library download the message template that you prefer. They have multiple message template by Industry and by Use Case.

Updated on: 20/11/2023

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