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Send Browse Abandonment Email

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Create email profile
Create Browse Abandonment Email
Create Browse Abandonment Flow

Before you start:

Make sure you have installed OnVoard app in your EasyStore

Must connect your EasyStore account with OnVoard. Don't know how to connect? Click here

Make sure you have a registered account with OnVoard. If you do not have a OnVoard account yet, click here to register

For OnVoard pricing and plans, kindly refer to this page here

1. Create Email Profile

Step 1: Click Emails > Email Profiles > Add a Email Profile

Step 2: Fill in the details > Save. You will receive a verification email to ensure that you have access to the added email address.

📌 Note: Email must not be from free email providers. Only add emails from domains you control.

Step 3: Once email is created, copy down the email ID which will be used later inflow.

2. Create Browse Abandonment Email

Step 1: Click Email > Manage emails > Add email > Select '**Cart Abandonment (Multiple Products)**' template
Cart Abandonment (Single Product) if you'd like to recommend single product
Cart Abandonment (Multiple Products) if you'd like to recommend multiple products

Step 2: Click Next and it will proceed you to the editor page

Step 3: Click Settings button on top > Scroll down at the Resources side and you will see '**Available Resources**' > Add resources > Select 3 resources stated below:
EasyStore Product
EasyStore Product Viewed

Step 4: Click Content > Click Items in your cart > Select '**Query Resources Records**' on your left side. Proceed with Config > Resources > Select EasyStore Product Viewed > Submit

Step 5: Scroll down to '**Query Resource Record** > Click 'Where' > Select 'Contact Email' > Click 'Select predicate' and select 'equals'

Step 6: Paste the email ID you have created earlier

Step 7: Select Activity Datetime [High to Low]

Step 8: Turn on Exclude Past Purchases > Submit

3. Create Browse Abandonment Flow

Step 1: Go to Flows > Playbooks > select Browse Abandonment playbook for EasyStore

Step 2: Scroll down and select Filter > Scroll to bottom of Logic on the right side > Look for Email Delivered (OnVoard) > Paste email ID

Step 3: Select Send Email > Go to Properties on the right side > Select email > Browse Abandonment > Submit

Now OnVoard will automatically recover and send abandonment checkout emails to your customers! If you need more help, you may contact

Updated on: 26/09/2023

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