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Send Checkout Abandonment Email

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Create email profile
Create Checkout Abandonment Email
Create Checkout Abandonment Flow
Disable Abandoned Checkout Recovery in EasyStore

Before you start:

Make sure you have installed OnVoard app in your EasyStore

Must connect your EasyStore account with OnVoard. Don't know how to connect? Click here

Make sure you have a registered account with OnVoard. If you do not have a OnVoard account yet, click here to register

For OnVoard pricing and plans, kindly refer to this page here

1. Create Email Profile

Step 1: Click Emails > Email Profiles > Add Email Profile

Step 2: Fill in the details > Save. You will receive a verification email to ensure that you have access to the added email address.

📌 Note: Email must not be from free email providers. Only add emails from domains you control.

2. Create Checkout Abandonment Email

Step 1: Click Email > Add email > Select 'Checkout Abandonment' template > Next

Step 2: Click Setting button on top > Scroll down Resources side and you will see 'Available Resources' > Add resources > Select 'EasyStore Checkout Started'

Step 3: Click Content button > Click Items in your cart > Select 'Resource Property' on your left side.

Step 4: Config > Resources > Select EasyStore Checkout Started > Submit

3. Create Checkout Abandonment Flow

Step 1: Go to Flows > Playbooks > Select Checkout Abandonment playbook for EasyStore

Step 2: Select Send Email. Go to Properties on the right side > Select value > Checkout Abandonment > Submit

4. Disable Abandoned Checkout Recovery in EasyStore

If you are using OnVoard to send checkout abandonment emails, you will need to disable the option in EasyStore.

Go to EasyStore Admin Page > Settings > Checkout > Scroll down and disabled Automated cart recovery > Save

Now OnVoard will automatically recover and send abandonment checkout emails to your customers! If you need more help, you may contact

Updated on: 26/09/2023

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