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Sending a payment reminder

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Why do you need this feature?
Manual sending payment reminder
Enable auto-reminder (available in Standard or Business plan)

1. Why do you need this feature?

We do not want your customers to miss out on an awesome purchase just because they are too busy and forget about it, so enable this Automated payment reminder feature and we will automatically send a friendly reminder email to your customers.

This feature would be very useful during the festive season where you might be receiving a lot of orders until you have no time to follow up. So don't think twice, you focus on your sales, we help you to send a reminder! ❤️

2. Manual sending payment reminder

2.1 Go to EasyStore Admin > Orders > find unpaid orders by filtering payment status to Unpaid ( optional )

2.2 Click on the order number > Click Send reminder.

2.3 You will be prompted with a ready-to-send reminder email > edit the Recipient email, Subject and Content ( optional ) > click Send to send the email.

💡 Tips : You can edit this template in Admin > Settings > Templates > Payment Reminder Email

2.4 The Proceed your payment button in the email will bring customers back to their payment page to re-select payment method and complete payment.

3. Enable auto-reminder

3.1 You may also enable Automated payment reminder to let the system auto send the reminder email to customers 6 hours after they have created their order but did not complete payment.

3.2 To do this, please navigate to Settings > Checkout > scroll to the bottom at Automated payment reminder > select Enabled > Save.

💡 Tips: Include a discount voucher code in the email to encourage your customers to complete the order. Refer to this link to create a voucher code.

Updated on: 01/10/2023

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