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Manually fulfill an order

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Manually fulfill orders
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1. Introduction

Fulfilling an order means after the parcel has been shipped, you update the order shipment details to customer.

If your order consists of more than one product and you ship the products at different times, you can separate one order into few fulfillment by products as well.

2. Manually fulfill orders

2.1 Go to EasyStore Admin > Orders > click into the order > Fulfill > choose Mark as fulfilled.

2.2 Fill in the Quantity of products that you would like to fulfill now > click Fulfill. In this example, we fulfill 2 items with full quantity first.

2.3 Fill in Courier service, Tracking number, Tracking URL and check the order fulfillment Status correct > click Update tracking info.

2.4 If you choose to Send notification email to customers, customers will receive an email with the fulfillment details where they can easily click Track my order and go to the tracking URL.

💡 Tips : This template is editable at Admin > Settings > Templates > Order Fulfillment Confirmation Email.

2.5 Once done, the order fulfillment status will change to Partially fulfilled and you can see which products and quantity have been fulfilled.

2.6 When the rest of the products are ready, you can repeat step 2.1 to 2.4 above to fulfill the remaining products.

2.7 When all products in the order have been fulfilled, the order fulfillment status will change to Fulfilled.

💡 Tips : After you've fulfilled the order, you can still send your customer a copy of invoice via email or you can also print it and send it together with the parcel. To send the invoice, you can go to Order > select the order > click Invoice > choose either you want to send via email or print it:

3. Let customers track parcel within your website

3.1 You may generate a tracking link which allows customers to track their parcels within your website.

3.2 Go to EasyStore Admin > Apps > More Apps > > Install.

3.3 No settings is required. Just fill in the carrier and tracking number > click Generate > copy the generated link and paste in Tracking URL field when fulfilling order manually.

3.4 Customers may click on the tracking URL in email and see the parcel movement within your website.

4. Update tracking details

4.1 If you have mistakenly fulfilled an order with wrong info, you can always update the tracking details of your orders.

4.2 Go to EasyStore Admin > Orders > click into the order > under History, click on shipping related event.

4.3 Click on the pencil icon.

4.4 Fill in the new tracking details > click Update tracking info > Done.

📌 Please tick Send notify email if you would like to update customers as well.

💡 Tips : Except manually, merchants also can fulfill orders using shipping apps like EasyParcel Malaysia

Updated on: 02/10/2023

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