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Enable EasyStore through OneWaySMS dashboard
Connect OneWaySMS with your EasyStore
Frequently Asked Questions

Before you start:

Make sure you have a registered account with OneWaySMS.
OneWaySMS provide a trial period with 10 free credits. You may click here to sign up for a trial account.
For OneWaySMS pricing and plans, kindly refer to this page here

1. Introduction

Mobile users are increasing in the world today and it will continue to increase. Thus sending SMS will be more effective rather than email right? Psst, OneWaySMS also able to convert your emails into SMS 😱

If you wish to inform your customers via SMS on the order fulfillment updates, you may consider trying out this OneWaySMS feature. Not only sending SMS for order fulfillment, but you are also able to send bulk SMS to your customers too!

Let's say Christmas is around the corner and you wish to send a nice image as an SMS, they are providing Picture SMS Service as well 😍

OneWaySMS have more features where you can make use of especially when it comes to SMS and Email Marketing. If you wish to know more about OneWaySMS, you may contact their team for more information:
03-7669 9123
010-2190123 / 010-4064123

2. Enable EasyStore through OneWaySMS dashboard

Before installing the OneWaySMS app integration in EasyStore, you need to connect EasyStore through the OneWaySMS dashboard. Please log in to your OneWaySMS account from here to enable it.

Step 1 : After you have logged in, click Account > API EasyStore Integration

Step 2 : Fill in your domain name. You can get it from EasyStore admin panel > Channels > Online Store > Domains

Step 3 : Edit the SMS Notification Message into your own preferred content

Step 4 : Select Yes for Active and click Update

Example of SMS Notification Message :

3. Connect OneWaySMS with your EasyStore

Step 1: Go to EasyStore Admin > Apps > More apps > Search OneWaySMS > Install this app

Step 2 : If you have enabled EasyStore through the OneWaySMS dashboard, you will get to see this and it means you have successfully integrated!

4. Frequently Asked Questions

**1. Can I use OneWaySMS to send out promotional messages/new product launching etc?**

Yes, what you need to do is export EasyStore customers and import them to OneWaySMS under Phone Book > Import Contact

Next, choose the customer export file > Select the required options > Import and you're done! You can start sending out SMS to your customers via OneWaySMS. You may browse through their guides for more information under Tutorial.

2. Where to check my OneWaySMS credit balance?

You may check your OneWaySMS credit balance under Sub User Management > Manage Credit. You will see your Available SMS Credit : xxx there.

3. Where and how to top-up OneWaySMS credit?

If you are running out of credit, you can top-up from Order > Purchase Credit and you will be directed to choose a package.

This is the package and pricing for OneWaySMS, click here to know more.

💡 Things you must know about OneWaySMS:
1 Credit = 1 SMS
Prices are in Ringgit Malaysia
Purchase according to package. Example, if required 2000 SMS, purchase 1000 SMS Package x 2 unit = RM 190.80
Credits DO NOT expire

Updated on: 01/10/2023

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