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Fulfill order and send parcel using EasyParcel Malaysia service

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Introduction to EasyParcel service
Fulfilling order
Preparing parcel
Customize weight during fulfilment

1. Introduction to EasyParcel service

EasyParcel is an e-commerce shipping solutions provider which let you check for delivery rate from multiple established courier companies in Malaysia and book for delivery online at an affordable rate.

📌 Note:

To fulfill order and send parcel using EasyParcel service for your EasyStore orders, you must first integrate with EasyParcel Malaysia app

Fulfilling order with this app means the parcel is ready to be collected by the courier service.

2. Fulfilling order

2.1 Log in to your EasyStore Admin > Orders > click into the order > Fulfill > EasyParcel Malaysia.

2.2 Select a pickup date, delivery options and select if you would like to Enable SMS notification for this parcel

2.4 Select service and dropoff point ( for dropoff only ).


Drop off

📌 Note : Fulfillment details will be shown in the order page.

2.5 Fulfill order > Done > System will auto send the order to EasyParcel.

3. Preparing parcel

3.1 Download your Air Waybill

3.2  Print the Air Waybill and attach it to the parcel accordingly

3.3 Mr. Postman will collect the parcel from you.

4. Customize weight

Merchant can set own custom weight and get rate from EP-MY based on the rate they set

Step 1 : Select Custom weight during fulfilment

Step 2 : Insert custom weight.

Scenario :

Order #1001 = 0.5kg

Order #1002 = 0.6kg

Merchant fulfilled Order #1001(0.5kg) but packed 2 orders item into a parcel.
The weight(1.1KG) is already exceed so merchant can choose to use Set Custom Weight (set 1.1kg) to get rate from EP-MY.

Available on Single & Bulk fulfilment

Updated on: 29/02/2024

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