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Why 'Out of Zone' ? (Shipping)

Your customers might encounter [out of zone] error during checkout and here are the reasons why :

1. No Shipping Method (you have not added any shipping method)

2. Customer enter a shipping address which is not in your specified zone/area

(For example : You have set a shipping method that delivers within Malaysia, Customer A bought an item and entered a shipping address which sited in Singapore, therefore, "out of zone" error will occur)

3. Zip code** :**The postcode that provided by customer does not match with your selected postcode

(For example, you have set 35638, 46500, 37281 as your postcode zone to perform delivery, Customer entered 89111 in the shipping address, therefore, "out of zone" error will occur)

Attached GIF Image as reference : 

4. Origin address has not been set at the EasyParcel Malaysia rate app (which is also often the main reason)

Guide to resolve this accordingly

Solution 1 :

Add shipping method. You can click into Settings > Shipping > Add Shipping Method. There are 4 shipping methods available

Below are the shipping methods guidelines :

Shipping Methods (Based on weight)

Shipping methods (Based on item quantity)

Shipping methods (Flat rate per item)

Shipping methods (Flat rate per order)

📌 Kindly take note : If you are a EasyParcel user, you may integrate with EasyParcel as your shipping method. Integrate EasyParcel (Malaysia)

Solution 2 :

Notify customers regarding your set-up shipping zone or postal area (if you do set this up). You may display your shipping option in a content page (Create a page). 


Solution 3 :

Remember to set your origin address if you have installed EasyParcel Malaysia Rate as one of your shipping method

Updated on: 01/11/2023

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