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Auto Order Cancellation

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Manually cancel an order
Restore the cancelled order
Order Auto-cancellation & restock (available in Standard or Business plan)

1. Manually cancel an order

Orders normally are cancelled when customers no longer wish to buy or you're unable to sell due to certain reasons. You can cancel the order by going to the Orders section > click to the order number that you wish to cancel > More Action and click on the X Cancel order button


When you cancel the order, the system will ask you :

To fill in Reason

If you would like to Notify customer by email ( you can see the email template in Admin > Settings > Templates > Order Cancelled Email )

If you would like to Restock ( add back ) the item quantity into inventory, only applicable to products that let "EasyStore tracks inventory of this product". If checked, the order Fulfillment status will turn Restocked after cancellation

The restock quantity

2. Restore the cancelled order

If you would like to reverse the cancellation, you can go to Orders > click on the order number that you wish to restore > click on the Restore button here

Once you have clicked restore order, the system will ask if you would like to Deduct stock from inventory again. Do tick on the checkbox if you wish to deduct the stock from inventory > Restore this order and the order will be restored automatically.

3. Order Auto-cancellation & restock

📌 Note: Kindly be informed that this automation is available in the Standard & Business plan only.

If the orders are not paid within a period of time, we will help to cancel the orders automatically based on the X days that you have selected. The automation settings can be done at Settings > Checkout > Scroll to the bottom and you'll see Automated order cancellation

Here would be the options available and you can select the X days that you prefer:
12 hours
24 hours
3 days
7 days
14 days
28 days
365 days

Once you have selected the X days for automated order cancellation above, the orders will be cancelled automatically. Below, would be the automation restock cancelled order. You can either choose to auto-restock or disable it:

ON - When the order is cancelled, we will automatically restock the cancelled order's product inventory.

OFF - When the order is cancelled, the product inventory will not restock. You may need to restock it manually on the Products > Inventories section.

Once the option has been selected, do remember to click the Save button on the top right to update the changes made.

Updated on: 04/10/2023

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