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Connect with Ninja Van Malaysia

In this article :

Install the new Ninja Van app
Fulfill order with Ninja Van Malaysia [New Enhancement]
Set Airwaybill size [New Enhancement]
How to set free shipping for Ninja Van?

1. Install the new Ninja Van app

📌 Before you start :
You must have a registered account with Ninja Van
If you do not have an account with Ninja Van yet, please sign up here.
Do note that only Ninja Pro account able to integrate with EasyStore ( > 150 parcels / month )
For further assistance, kindly contact Ninja Van team:
Hotline : +60 111 722 5600
Email : /

Step 1 : Login to your EasyStore account > Click on Apps > App Store > Install the Ninja Van Malaysia app

If you do not have an account with Ninja Van yet, please sign up here.

Step 2 : Fill in the required information such as:
Client ID
Client Key

You will only get the credentials below after you have sign up an account with Ninja Van.

Step 3 : Click Next once everything has been filled in accordingly and you will see the page below. It means that you have requested Ninja Van for the Integration Audit.

📌 Note:
The integration audit approval may take around 3 - 5 working days
Ninja Van team will send you an email when the integration is ready to be used.

Step 4 : If you have received an email from the Ninja Van team, you can click on the Complete button > Confirm. After that, you should be able to view other settings for Ninja Van:

Shipper information

Company information. Click here to know how to add location.

Shipping rate settings

Fulfillment settings

Other settings

In Others settings, there are few options for you to choose from, either you want to enable (ticked) OR disable (unticked) for:
Items Details on Waybills include the product(s) name, quantity & delivery instruction.
You can Hide OR Show the Sender Details (your details such as Phone No & Address) in the Waybills
Order Number = Tracking Number. It will take the order number only and if you choose to disable it, Ninja Van will come out with their own unique Tracking Number for the Waybills.

2. Fulfill order with Ninja Van Malaysia

Step 1 : Go to Orders > click into the order > Fulfill > Fulfill with Ninja Van Malaysia. Please make sure that the order status is PAID.

Step 2 : In Shipment settings, default option will be based on the option that you have selected in Ninja Van apps > Fulfillment settings :
Shipment service level - Standard, Same Day, Next Day
Cash on Delivery - Optional, the option will appear if you have enabled COD in the Ninja Van Malaysia app
Insured Value - If you select YES, Ninja Van will charge additional fees. May refer to Ninja Van on the fees.

Step 3 : Select the parcel approx. volume & size for Parcel settings. Kindly contact Ninja Van team for the size dimensional measurements.

Step 4 : Select the pickup & delivery details

Step 5 : You can fill in additional instructions (Optional). Once everything has been selected accordingly, click on the Fulfill order button on the bottom right > Done.

💡 New enhancements:

Ninja Van supports bulk fulfillment & bulk download AWB (max 50 order at a time) so kindly ensure that none of the orders status are unpaid, archived, and cancelled.

For bulk fulfillment, Default shipping settings will be according to the Fulfillment settings that you have setup previously in NinjaVan apps. You can choose to edit the orders' waybills by clicking on the pencil icon on the far-right end.

Also, bulk download AWB (Airway Bill) can now produce one merged pdf with multiple pages instead of zipped multiple pdfs in one folder. You can just select multiple orders and choose Download NinjaVanMY (New) AWB.

3.1 Once downloaded, you will see the AWB page in print preview as shown below in pdf format.

3.2 Besides that, when you received order(s) that includes products with different shipping profiles;

💡Tips : For more information about Shipping profile, may read here.

You can fulfill the product separately. Thus, you will have more than one AWB. As shown in the image below is the example for a single order that produces more than one AWB (when that order contains multiple AWBs due to Shipping profile).

For example, when a merchant fulfilled the order for the "General" Shipping Profiles product first. Then fulfilled the order for "Chilled" Shipping Profiles product later. Thus, there will be 2 AWBs created separately under that 1 order.

Therefore, when you choose to bulk download AWB (Airway Bill) for multiple orders, you should be seeing the AWBs arranged as the image below.

AWB now include order number printed on the top left for your reference.

3. Set Airwaybill size

To set NinjaVan Airwaybill size, you can go to Apps > Ninja Van Malaysia > Other Settings > Waybill size > select your preferred size (from A4, A5, A6)

Once you have set the size, you can try to download any Ninja Van AWB from Order page and you should be able to see the size follow the new setting:

4. How to set free shipping for Ninja Van?

You can provide free shipping with the new Ninja Van app, just go to Apps > Ninja Van Malaysia > Insert the total order amount / quantity for free shipping > Save

💡 Tips : 0 MYR / 0 quantity means free shipping is disabled.

Updated on: 06/03/2024

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