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Refunding an order

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Payment gateway refund
Manual refund

1. Introduction

There might be some circumstances that you need to make a refund to the customer. To refund an order, you may come to order details page > click on Refund button.

There are 2 refund methods:

Payment gateway refund
Manual refund

2. Payment gateway refund

By selecting payment gateway refund, the money will be auto refunded to customer through payment gateway.

When you refund an order, the system will ask you :

You must fill in the refund Reason
Tick if you want to Notify customer about this refund has been processed ( you can see the email template in Admin > Settings > Templates > Order Refund )
Tick if you would like to Restock ( add back ) the item quantity into inventory, only applicable to products that let 'EasyStore tracks inventory of this product'. If checked, the order Fulfillment status will turn Restocked after refund
The restock quantity

📌 Note: Currently only orders paid using the following payment gateways support payment gateway refund:

Fiuu (for selected payment methods, refer this guide for more info)

3. Manual refund

For orders that paid with manual payment method or that do not support payment gateway refund, you can perform manual refund method.

📌 Note: Refunding an order using manual method is only for record purposes and will not communicate with the bank or payment gateway directly. For the actual monetary refund, you can personally liaise with the customer, bank or payment gateway to complete

Manual refund is further divided into 2 types:


3.1 Amount

If choose Amount, you need to liaise with customer to refund with their preferred payment method, for example manual bank transfer, QR transfer etc.

3.2 Credit

If choose Credit, the amount will be refunded as store credits and customer can use this credits for future purchase.

Updated on: 19/03/2024

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