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Introduction of LINE Order Form

Wishing for the utmost convenience by selling on LINE? You may already know that a messaging platform like LINE acts not just as an effective customer service tool but also as a widely-used selling channel as well so we've totally got your back with this one.

With LINE Order Form, that is similar to our WhatsApp Order Form, which is also one of the many sales channels we provide, there's just a single word which is written all over it. Simplicity.

Simplicity for not just you, as a seller but also, for your customers as well. In other words, LINE Order Form is easy to set up as a seller and extremely easy to use for a customer.

This is the list of other benefits for using LINE Order Form:

No need to consume too much time to decorate a website (simply just create a LINE Order Form and start selling on the spot, takes almost no time at all)

No need to manually record your orders, which is time-consuming (orders will be synced to your EasyStore admin panel)

Automatically collects payment and customer details

LINE-alike shopping interface

Comes with options to chat or direct purchase which leads to checkout within LINE

One fun fact about LINE:

In Taiwan, LINE is the most used social media, with monthly active users ranking first in the world, with more than 21 million active users. The large consumer base among them has also made LINE a must-run place for many businesses.

Ultimately, through EasyStore's LINE Order Form, your experience of using LINE to sell is not just merely a customer service tool anymore, but an effective way to convert sales as well. Get started now by referring to the setup of the LINE Order Form here

Updated on: 19/11/2023

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