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Offer promo code for new subscribers (MailerLite Popup Form)

By giving promo code upon subscription, it will encourage your customers to subscribe to your newsletter and keep them updated with your store's latest news.

Part 1: Creating Promo Code

Step 1 : EasyStore Admin > Promotions > Add Promotion

Step 2 : Select the promotion that suit your needs, then save the promotion

Part 2: Installing MailerLite Popup Form

Step 1 : EasyStore Admin > Apps > More apps > Search MailerLite Popup Form > Install this app

Part 3: Creating MailerLite Popup Form Account

Step 1 : Go to MailerLite's website to sign up (or login if you already have an account)

Step 2 : Go to your account settings and set up your information.

Part 4: Creating Your MailerLite Popup Form

Step 1 : Click on Forms, then Create Popup

Step 2 : Key in your popup name and click on "Save and continue"

Step 3 : Select your subscriber groups then save and continue

Step 4 : Choose your desired template

Step 5 : Edit your popup's design accordingly, click on done editing once you are done.

Step 6 : Set the behavior of your pop up, click save and continue once you are done.

Step 7 : Once you are done editing, copy the JavaScript snippet and paste it to the spot provided in your MailerLite Popup Form app and save it.

Part 5: Creating Email Automation

Step 1 : Click on Automation > Create your first workflow

Step 2 : Set trigger to "When subscriber joins a group" and select your group, then tick on "Reactivate the full workflow for subscribers who rejoin the same group in the future" and save.

Step 3 : Add next step to your workflow, select email.

Step 4 : Click on Email Content > Fill in the details > Design email

Step 5 : Insert your Promo Code which was created in Part 1 into your email content.

Step 6 : Save, and you are done!

Updated on: 20/11/2023

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